Scan warehouses of one million sq ft and over 100,000 pallets in a day.

How does it work

Collect 24/7 over 10,000 locations per hour

Data is collected by our fully autonomous robots as they safely navigate the warehouse to track inventory, capture assets and monitor environment data.

Operate with 99.9% accuracy

The data is instantly compared with various systems and fed into our highly intuitive digital twin so you can act on discrepancies as they appear.

Optimise with full visibility

Our analytics platform helps you identify bottlenecks, increase productivity and accurately forecast demand, stock and capacity.

Real-time inventory visibility and actionable insights at your fingertips

Provide your operations team with the only platform that will give them better control over inventory through optimised warehouse space and staff utilisation, real-time visibility facilitated by the fastest data capture on the market, and actionable insights that lead to reduced financial waste.

Real-time data capture analysis
Scanning up 15k locations per hour, DexoryView autonomously captures and analyses a continuous feed of data from the physical environment utilising state-of-the-art sensors and AI.
Improved stock accuracy
Move from tedious, time-consuming, cycle counts and stock checking to continuous monitoring of the inventory. This can reduce misplacement errors to zero, whilst ensuring the right stock is available, in the right location and at the right time.
Bulk location cycle counting
Increase the frequency and accuracy of counting block stack storage while reducing manual checks. Daily stock issues are now easily fixed to minimise stock loss, unfulfilled orders, inefficiencies, and waste. DexoryView provides visual overviews and targeted photos to help diagnose issues.
Pick face analysis
Identify high-impact stock discrepancies in picking locations with DexoryView, enabling quick rectification issues and ensuring the right products ship in full and on time. Focus your resources on the areas of biggest impact and reduce the impact of compounding errors across the site.
Space optimisation
DexoryView tracks and visualises your location volumetric fill helping you to identify the right sizing of products to locations and total utilisation over time. In addition, the platform will flag location consolidation opportunities, providing the insights needed to free up value location space.

Subscription-based model
Up and running in 2 weeks

The standout feature of DexoryView is its rapid deployment, allowing customers to quickly uncover significant amounts of written-off or lost stock on their sites within days. It operates on a subscription model, enabling seamless implementation within just two weeks, with:

No capex investment required

A full-stack solution offered through a subscription fee

A streamlined buying process with minimal starting price friction

No integration efforts needed

No infrastructure changes required

No workflow disruption, thanks to easy and quick implementation

Don’t take our word for it

We have a number of customers already using the technology in their warehouses to measure, track and find goods in real-time.

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Experience the future of warehouse management

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