Data is everywhere.

And businesses must take full advantage of this abundance of valuable information by using it as indicators and predictors for what is working well and what needs improvement. With automated technology, there are fewer errors in planning and more effective resource utilisation.

Automation of repetitive tasks is an essential factor for the future of warehousing where the top priorities are enabling staff to focus on key operations, using space wisely and more profitably, whilst attracting and retaining employees.

A true end-to-end solution from receiving to dispatch

You need insights across your whole business operations, as events happen. Dexory delivers by layering data and intelligence over physical environments.

Powered by autonomous robots, Dexory is the only platform that delivers real-time data and insights for the receiving, storing, and dispatch stages, giving companies unprecedented real-time access to their operations from anywhere and at any time.

Time and money are precious. Save both with a robotics and data visualisation platform that’s easy to implement and scale up. In fact, you can be up and running in less than a week.

Real-time data capturing using autonomous robots

We offer a system that collects information from the physical ‘space’ that is otherwise time-consuming and expensive to track. This allows collected data to be used downstream within seconds of being collected. Seamless back-end integration with warehouse management systems are essential for providing timely and useful data.

Grouping autonomy and mobility with state-of-the-art machine learning, computer vision capabilities and AI data processing, our robots can easily and accurately detect all types of labels (barcodes, QR codes, data-matrix codes etc...).

Data interpretation providing valuable operational insights

Using the myriad of data points collected by our robots in the environment, the information is processed on the hardware and immediately sent to the cloud. Giving unprecedented real-time access to warehouse insights.

Real-time data helps drive better and more informed decisions by identifying where problems and opportunities lie within a company’s operations.

Data visualisation generating a real-time warehouse digital twin

By leveraging AI-driven digital twins, customers gain a deeper understanding of their operations and can optimise their supply chain from sourcing and planning, inventory management, to distribution and logistical processes.

The warehouse's advanced and predictive analytics from the digital twin system improves forecasting and drives more intelligent decision-making. With advanced analytics, businesses can accurately forecast demand, plan inventory locations, determine stock demand value, and reduce risks.

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Capture real-time data insights using autonomous robots that measure, travel and find goods without manual intervention.

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How Dexory can change your business

Get the insights you need from your warehouses

Alongside the day-to-day operational gains, the business intelligence available based on real-time data and a digital twin allows for more significant insights to predict, analyse and learn.

Working in harmony with warehouse employees, our autonomous robots can rapidly and precisely detect labels (RFID, QR/barcodes). The continuous data stream does not require any human effort and it is easier and more efficient to collect data using automated methods than to gather data manually, which can produce inaccurate results. The images and videos captured by the robots are then processed and directly transferred to our dashboards or the Warehouse Management System (WMS) for immediate review, increasing productivity whilst reducing processing and tracking time.

You can virtually explore, analyse operations and identify in real-time what needs improvement. So, if your warehouse isn’t “smart” yet, now is the right time to start the transition.

Warehouse Management System

Benefits to your business

Boost productivity.

Capture real-time data insights using autonomous robots that measure, track and find goods across warehouses.

Reduce costs.

Locating missing goods costs money. Save valuable time and resources by monitoring operational compliance and dealing with out-of-spec payloads.

Increase visibility.

Avoid expensive delayed consignments and obtain real-time insights into the flow of goods through your warehouse.

Uncover revenue opportunities.

Use real-time occupancy tracking to accurately forecast business capacity. You’ll be surprised at the hidden revenue opportunities.

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Why Dexory

Dexory knows that workflow disruption and inefficiencies can cause a world of problems for business logistics – especially post-pandemic as delivery demand rises.

We meet these demands with a focused yet curious approach, which allows us to embrace the unknown. The team is energetic and entrepreneurial, with a wealth of technical expertise and knowledge.

But this knowledge is nothing without understanding business needs. And we go to great lengths to understand each customer’s requirements and work out the right path forward.

Our capacity to design and build bespoke hardware, as well as software and maintenance - sets us apart from others.  We’re an end-to-end solution and always have control over our purpose: to transform the world of warehousing, fulfilment centres, and logistics. Most other providers use off-the-shelf robots or standard software, leaving very little room for adjustments.

And what they're saying about us

Our engagement with Dexory and use of their robotics and AI will optimise our warehouse space, allowing us to reduce costs and improve performance, while delivering a better working environment for our everyone at our fulfilment centres.

Paul Dodd CTO and Co-founder of Huboo
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This company has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 849938