Our technology can help any business that wants to power up their supply chain.

Data is everywhere and businesses know that the role of the warehouse is changing and the only way to keep up is to automate and digitise, no matter what market you operate in.

Smart organisations know that logistics is the heart of their business. And if that’s running smoothly, the benefits will trickle down throughout the rest of the company.

Is that resonating with you? Looks like we could help.

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Logistics & supply chain

Logistics & supply chain

80% of warehouses have no automation in place. But events of recent years have placed even more importance on supply chains, delivery certainty and inventory management being key.

There is a greater need for operations to use innovative technology to drive efficiencies and support rising labour shortages. As the shift to e-commerce increases, warehouse operations need to process goods faster and more accurately. Robotic technology works alongside the workforce, taking on labour-intensive tasks so colleagues can focus on data-led interpretation and decision-making.

It's a fact
The average warehouse or order fulfillment operation has seen an 18.5% increase in the number of SKUs handled. (Source:Supplychain247.com).
Manufacturing logistics

Manufacturing logistics

Warehouse automation for manufacturing logistics provides the valuable insights that are needed for reliable stock control, ensuring the production line isn’t impacted. Having full visibility of what items are where in the warehouse and how old they are is critical for any manufacturer. For example, a car manufacturer always needs to know how many doors, wheels, bolts they have and exactly where they are in the warehouse so that production is never interrupted by missing parts.

It's a fact
Automated and efficient warehouses are 76% more likely to boost inventory accuracy to 99% or higher (Source: Robotics Business Review).
Cargo handling

Cargo handling

Shipping by air is a fast and efficient means of transport for goods. With this worldwide popularity comes supply chain demands, such as the need for greater visibility of goods.

The many steps of cargo handling can be time-consuming and labour-intensive. Alongside this, the need for compliance with regulatory expectations of frequent bond stock checks is paramount. 

The use of data-led technology optimises rack utilisation and creates accurate space forecasting. And ultimately maximises the speed and volume of the cargo that’s processed through the warehouse.

It's a fact
Hours wasted p.a. measuring, weighing and finding pallets.
Retail & e-commerce

Retail and e-commerce fulfilment

Changing consumer expectations have led to the rapid rise of e-commerce. While this has created many opportunities, demand can be unpredictable and retailers need to maintain high-performance levels and consistently deliver great brand experiences for their customers.

Automating warehouse operations can improve operational performance and deliver more goods faster and more accurately. Using data-led technology, greater visibility of stock and inventory, helps bring down the number of lost or misplaced items, as well as prevent consumer disappointment with out-of-stock items.

It's a fact
On average, retail inventory is accurate only 63% of the time (Source: prnewswire.com).
Picking at ecommerce facility
Food & beverage

Food and beverages

Online grocers and food retailers are one of the fastest-growing segments in today’s eCommerce market. And stock and inventory management of complex goods such as high-value, perishables or glass is critical. Lost and misplaced goods, as well as out-of-stock situations, all have a big impact on timely order fulfilment.

Autonomous technology ensures true omni-channel retail experiences. Pallet integrity through automating acceptance is possible. And outbound stock deliveries and being on top of compliance and safety standards are achievable.

It's a fact
Of companies are looking to improve their inventory control – to support lower costs (source: Logistics management 2021).
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Ingrid Ebner Global Head of Contract Logistics, Maersk
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