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Working at Dexory

Our diversity, equality, and inclusion statement

At Dexory, we believe that diversity, equality, and inclusion are essential values that drive innovation, foster creativity, and create a thriving work environment. We are committed to cultivating a company culture that embraces and celebrates the unique perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences of every individual.

“DEI has always been an area I’m extremely keen on. I believe promoting opportunities fairly for all and embracing differences is absolutely necessary to be innovative, grow and succeed. As part of continuing to promote and support DEI, we are committed to pushing on strategies to create a diverse and inclusive workplace. We are dedicated to cultivating an inclusive environment where every individual feels a strong sense of belonging from the very start, where they feel secure and encouraged to share their experiences, and where they can be the best version of themselves.”

Jenna Cotton, Head of Culture, People and Talent at Dexory


We value and respect the diversity of our employees, customers, and stakeholders. We recognise that diversity encompasses differences in race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical abilities, socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, and other individual characteristics. We are dedicated to building a diverse workforce that reflects the communities we serve and promotes a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives.


We are committed to treating all individuals with fairness, dignity, and respect. We strive to create an inclusive environment that promotes equal opportunities for all, irrespective of their backgrounds. We ensure that our hiring, promotion, and compensation processes are based on merit, qualifications, and performance, free from bias or discrimination. We actively work towards removing systemic barriers and fostering a culture of equal access to opportunities for personal and professional growth.


We believe that inclusion is the foundation of a thriving and collaborative workplace. We actively promote an inclusive environment where every individual feels valued, heard, and empowered to contribute their unique talents and perspectives. We encourage open communication, active listening, and constructive dialogue. We provide resources, training, and support to foster an inclusive mindset across all levels of our organisation.


We understand that diverse teams drive innovation and creativity. We encourage collaboration and teamwork that leverage the strengths and perspectives of every individual. By fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment, we aim to develop groundbreaking solutions that address the needs of our diverse customer base and contribute positively to society.

“The different backgrounds and knowledgeable people Dexory have is what truly sets Dexory apart”.

Claudiu, Software Engineer at Dexory

“The leadership team is very hands-on and involved in all aspects of R&D, Sales, Marketing and the general running of the company, but also having a team who is so willing to help each other is a great thing to be a part of.”

Steph, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at Dexory

Continuous improvement

We are committed to ongoing learning and growth in matters of diversity, equality, and inclusion. We regularly review and update our policies, practices, and training programs to ensure they align with best practices and evolving societal standards. We seek feedback from our employees, customers, and stakeholders to drive continuous improvement and hold ourselves accountable for achieving our diversity, equality, and inclusion goals.

“I am blessed with amazing colleagues and everyone is keen on spreading their skills and expertise.”

Carlos, Senior Assembly and Build Technician

At Dexory, we firmly believe that embracing diversity, promoting equality, and fostering inclusion are not only the right things to do, but they also drive our business success. We are dedicated to building an inclusive culture where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work, thrive, and contribute to our shared goals.

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