Through our DexoryView platform, we automate data collection and build real-time digital twin technology that unlocks insights across all levels of warehouse operations.

A bleeding-edge combination of hardware and software.

With an array of high quality cameras and sensors, our robot autonomously navigates your warehouse to capture high definition 3D scans of the space as well as any labels and barcodes on pallets, parcels or products, with the ability to scan warehouses of any shape or size and up to 15m high.

Real-time data. All the time.

This data is fed straight into our platform to create accurate, real-time digital models of the status and condition of the warehouse racks and items on them.

Creating a perfect, always up to date, digital twin of your operations.

A true end-to-end solution from receiving to dispatch

DexoryView can help you save time and money while boosting your warehouse productivity and unlocking new revenue opportunities.

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With rack space becoming a key resource, always know exactly where the gaps are, to maximise utilisation. Keeping track of occupancy supports more efficient picking and put-aways, but also opens up the opportunity to take more stock or more customers on board.


Move from tedious, time consuming, cycle counts or occasional bond checks to continuous monitoring of the inventory. This can reduce misplacement errors to zero, whilst ensuring the right stock is available, in the right location and at the right time.

It saves hundreds of hours and ensures teams and operations are as productive as they can be, focusing on moving goods around, rather than counting or searching for lost items.


Increase picking efficiency with just in time replenishment by keeping an eye on stock levels and ensuring orders are on track.

Reduce cost, time, inaccuracy and safety risk

Alongside the day-to-day operational gains, the business intelligence available based on real-time data and a digital twin, allows more significant insights to analyse the past, understand the present and prepare for the future.

The combination of retro diagnosis and the ability to simulate and predict impact of changes based on real-data, leads to unprecedented effectiveness in decision making. So, if your warehouse isn’t ‘smart’ yet, now is the right time to start the transition.

Don’t take our word for it.

We have a number of customers already using the technology in their warehouses to measure, track and find goods in real time.

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How Dexory is transforming Menzies Aviation operations through AI and automation solutions


Transforming Maersk’s logistics with Dexory’s real-time, automated insights solution

Denso UK

Dexory collaborates with DENSO Manufacturing UK, a global mobility supplier

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The Vision

A vision of a connected future

Our vision is to enable partners with AI and establish clean, comprehensive data streams needed to make the use of AI effective for businesses and help them change and thrive in the fourth industrial revolution.

Our ambition at Dexory is to keep pushing and building this new future. 
One that’s automated, connected and digital.

Join us in making that next step.

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