Inventory warehouse automation and analytics

Continuously monitor inventory and optimise warehouse efficiency

The only system to combine stock-scanning robots with powerful warehouse analytics. So you always have accurate, real-time visibility of your inventory and warehouse operations.

  • Scan over 10,000 locations an hour

  • Hit 99.9% inventory accuracy

  • Achieve optimal occupancy

  • Reduce shrinkage & consistently hit SLAs

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Why Dexory?

Warehouses that lack visibility struggle with lost goods, unreliable inventory, slow processing times and under-utilisation of warehouse space.

Dexory is an all-in-one solution that provides the hardware and software you need to gather real-time inventory data and analyse it using our intuitive ‘digital twin’ platform and analytics.

  • 10x ROI within 12 months

  • 99.9% inventory accuracy

  • Up to £1 million per year recovered revenue

How can Dexory help?

Our system gives you real-time visibility of your warehouses in a fraction of the time of manual cycle counts.

So you have 360-degree visibility and insights across acceptance, storage, movement and dispatch.

Visit our product page to learn more about how Dexory can help you.

Accurate inventory
99% inventory accuracy you can rely on.
Less manual work
Free up your team to do high-value work.
Reduce loss & manual errors
Spend less on finding and replacing lost goods.
Increased profitability
Maximise the efficiency and utilisation of your space.
3D digital twin visualisation
Intuitive visibility over all warehouses wherever you are.

And what they're saying about us

"Dexory has helped us improve end-to-end visibility and access to inventory across our warehouses."

Ingrid Ebner Global Head of Contract Logistics, Maersk

"The deployment of Dexory’s robotics and AI solution underscores our dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and highlights our pursuit of operational excellence."

Daniel Spencer Director- Solutions & Engineering, DB Schenker Americas

“This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the evolution of inventory management and warehouse data acquisition.”

Benoit Boiron Group Innovation Manager, ID Logistics

”Implementing a future-proof, innovative inventory solution is key to our warehousing strategy direction. Dexory’s technology enables our vision for automation and efficiency, especially where we have large rotations of stock, reducing our overall operational costs.”

Maria Torrent-March Warehousing & Logistics Strategy Director, Iron Mountain

Who are we for?

We can help any business that wants to establish real-time visibility of their inventory and increase the efficiency of their warehouse operations. However, there are some industries we tend to focus on.

Logistics & supply chain
Maintain a 100% fulfilment promise to your customers. Process goods faster and more accurately to keep up with consumer expectations.
Manufacturing logistics
Prevent delays by establishing full visibility of the location, availability and status of parts and manufacturing assets in your facility.
Food & beverage
Deliver a truly omnichannel experience, reduce waste and improve your sustainability performance.
Retail & eCommerce
Deliver orders in full, on time, every time. So you're always exceeding customer expectations.
Cargo handling
Meet strict compliance and customs requirements while ensuring goods never miss their flights or other means of transportation.

Addressing the Visibility Gap™: Identifying challenges and implementing solutions

The absence of end-to-end visibility, or the Visibility Gap™, in the supply chain poses a range of challenges. However, innovative solutions capable of mitigating these issues and cultivating a supply chain that is both resilient and highly efficient are available.

Discover how visibility and real-time data can revolutionise organisational processes, efficiency, and decision-making as well as how businesses can bridge this gap by investing in real-time data, advanced analytics, technology infrastructure, collaboration, and employee training.

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