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Meet the warehouse of the future: automated, connected, digital.

Optimise your supply chain, with real-time data and insights from your warehouses.

Our robots and data visualisation platform work together to help you measure, track and locate goods across every logistics step, from inbound to storage, picking to outbound. And there’s no manual intervention or downtime to be seen.

Dexory’s digital twin technology is the only platform powered by autonomous robots that delivers data and insights in real-time, all the time.

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Our solution in detail

Bringing your logistics into sharp focus

Virtualise and visualise your sites, anywhere in the world – with just a few clicks.

Our robots can capture stock information 24/7, returning a constant stream of real-time insights to the digital twin.

The result? 360-degree visibility and insights across acceptance, storage, movement, and dispatch.

Real-time logistics insights

Make informed decisions at every step.

3D digital twin visualisation

Complete visibility over warehouses, wherever you are.

Autonomous data collection

Let repetitive tasks be taken over by the robots.

24/7 productivity

Continuous inventory and occupancy audits for round-the-clock stock monitoring.

Uninterrupted workflow

No extra infrastructure or downtime needed.

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The future of logistics is automated and digital

Manual stocktaking and inventory management is prone to human error and very time consuming. And this leaves you wide open to significant financial loss from misplaced, lost, or non-compliant goods.

Data is everywhere. Smart data collection can be used to indicate and predict the areas that need improvement – to minimise errors and use resources more effectively.

The automation of repetitive tasks lets your team focus on what they do best: making critical decisions.

So you can automate, optimise and adapt faster than ever before.

Our solution

How we can help

Real-time knowledge. All the time

Real-time, all the time

You need insights across your whole business operations, in real-time.

Dexory delivers by layering data and intelligence over physical environments, using the myriad of data points collected by our robots from your physical space.

They send a constant stream of insights back to the cloud, giving you seamless back-end integration.

Data delivered by robots

Our autonomous robots collect real-time data on parcels, pallets and products as it passes through the warehouse, allowing for much better inventory control and condition reporting. This reduces misplacement errors, whilst ensuring that the right stock is available.

This data updates the digital twin platform.

Optimise processes

The warehouse's advanced and predictive analytics from the digital twin system improves forecasting and drives more intelligent decision-making.

With advanced analytics, businesses can accurately forecast demand, plan inventory locations, determine stock demand value, and reduce risks.

Easy to implement and scale

A fast, easy roll-out with a convenient monthly service model. Scale from one site to an entire fleet, which operate independently but communicate with each other.

The digital twin gives you complete visibility of moving parts, as the full potential of data is unleashed at scale, as more sites connect.


Who we help

Simply put, our technology can help any business that wants to power up their supply chain. Businesses who know that the role of the warehouse is changing and the only way to keep up is to automate and digitalise.

Logistics & supply chain

As the shift to e-commerce increases, warehouse operations need to process goods faster and more accurately.

Manufacturing logistics

Having full visibility of what items are where in the warehouse - and how old they are - is critical for any manufacturer.

Food & beverages

Autonomous technology ensures true omnichannel retail experiences. Pallet integrity through automating acceptance is possible.

Retail & eCommerce

Automating warehouse operations can improve operational performance and deliver more goods faster and more accurately.

Cargo handling

The many steps of cargo handling can be time-consuming and labour-intensive. Data-led technology optimises rack utilisation and creates accurate space forecasting.

Our Trusted Partners

And what they're saying about us

It was important for us to use the technology to add real-time value to the operation and not just have a gimmick. It is safe to say MiM (Dexory) is delivering this, we are scanning over 500 locations daily and achieving high accuracy levels in a fraction of the time it has historically taken to do it. The team at Dexory have been fantastic to work with and we have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline with them.

Rory Fidler Vice President Cargo Technology, Menzies Aviation

Our engagement with Dexory and use of their robotics and AI will optimise our warehouse space, allowing us to reduce costs and improve performance, while delivering a better working environment for our everyone at our fulfilment centres.

Paul Dodd CTO and Co-founder of Huboo

Maersk's collaboration with Dexory is a great reflection of how we in Maersk are working towards improving end-to-end customer visibility and access to inventory across our warehouses, ultimately offering our customers fulfilment tailored in real-time and in response to changing demands.

Ingrid Ebner Global Head of Contract Logistics, Maersk

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