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Transforming Maersk’s logistics with Dexory’s real-time, automated insights solution

About A. P. Moller - Maersk

Maersk is an integrated container logistics and supply chain services company. Providing end-to-end logistics, including transportation via ocean, land, and air, as well as distribution and warehousing.

Maersk has signed up for a trial with Dexory and now has autonomous robots operating in warehouse facilities in Kettering and Tamworth UK. Maersk is a global leader in containerised logistics and is working to connect and simplify its customers’ supply chains, operating in 130 countries with over 100,000 people.

The challenge

Maersk recognises that for the future of warehousing, there are many ways in which processes can be optimised. In this regard, the use of new technology, removing the need for repetitive tasks and enabling staff to focus on key operations, using space wisely and more profitably, whilst attracting and retaining employees is central.

As a customer-centric organisation, it is vital for Maersk to stay at the forefront of innovation within the supply chain and be able to offer their customers the opportunity to test the latest and greatest solutions as they are developed, especially as global demand and the complexity of supply chains increase.

Dexory’s robots and data visualisation platform will work together to help Maersk measure, track and locate goods across every logistics step, from inbound to storage to outbound. With the vision to connect, protect and simplify their customers’ supply chains – bringing profound opportunities to harness the power of new technologies, testing and scaling innovations is pivotal to Maersk.

‘’Maersk is working towards improving end-to-end customer visibility and access to inventory across our warehouses, ultimately offering our customers fulfilment tailored in real-time and in response to changing demands.’’ Ingrid Ebner, Global Head of Contract Logistics

Providing the solution

The robots and data visualisation platform work together to help Maersk measure, track and locate goods across every logistics step, from inbound to storage, picking to outbound, WMS (warehouse management system) stock records, Dexory reconciles inconsistencies and closes that data loop. They have seen remarkable results from the first two weeks:

After a few months of collaboration:

Working with Dexory, the shared vision for the use of technology and the data collected to drive better business decisions is about making life easier for humans rather than replacing them from operations.

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This company has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 849938