Passion for innovation

Dexory is paving the way for artificial intelligence and robotics to transform logistics completely.

We make the complex simple. Driven by our purpose, we leverage autonomous technology to simplify complexity, unlocking valuable data insights that propel businesses to new heights. We're all about boosting, predicting, and growing with every company we team up with.

Our mission

Dexory emerged from a shared passion for robots, evolving from a focus on retail and hospitality to addressing the pressing needs of the logistics industry during the pandemic. We're not just following trends; we're crafting new paths with our passion for robots and data.

Our mission is to empower businesses with real and accurate insights at the intersection of innovation and transformation,
giving warehouses a makeover for the future.

Our journey evolved from managing front-of-house inventory to making an immediate impact on the logistics industry. Dexory's predictive capabilities have achieved 100% fulfilment rates and zero errors, transforming warehouse operations with unprecedented efficiency.

Pivoting the face of change

At the heart of our innovation lies the DexoryView platform, inspired by the concept of a 'digital' twin familiar to motorsport enthusiasts. This platform empowers businesses with real-time insights, enabling well-informed decisions and on-the-fly adjustments to ensure unparalleled efficiency.


"As we focus on tech-driven, data-led insights for the logistics and supply chain industry, Dexory is entering a new and exciting chapter of growth".

Andrei Danescu CEO and Co-founder

Where it all began

Our solution was initially designed to serve the retail sector front-of-house, managing inventory on shelf. We were approached by our customers’ operations and logistics teams to conduct similar processes in warehouses. For the last 2-3 years, we’ve successfully focused on the logistics industry, driven by the lack of visibility our customers have over warehouse goods.

We are growing...

BotsAndUs is born out of passion for robotics and innovation.


First BotsAndUs fully autonomous robots deployed across the retail and travel sectors.


BotsAndUs raises $2.6m in pre-seed funding and team doubles in size.


BotsAndUs enters the logistics and supply chain industry following customer demand.

Jan 2022

BotsAndUs launch real-time warehouse robot.

Jun 2022

Received $13m further seed funding.

Nov 2022

BotsAndUs becomes Dexory.

Jan 2023

Introduced DexoryView.

Jun 2023

Raised $19m Series A funding.

We are still growing...
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Meet our leadership team

Meet our management team, visionary innovators, leaders and passionate experts in their fields.

Andrei Danescu

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Andrei is an accomplished entrepreneur and a passionate engineer with a background in Systems Engineering and Autonomous Technology. He has been building robots since 2004 and is now constantly looking for opportunities to bring revolutionary autonomous robots to the world.

He co-founded a London-based tech company Dexory (previously BotsAndUs) that develops state-of-the-art robotics and AI solutions for logistics warehouses. Together with a team of experts, they are building a data gathering system that provides logistics businesses with unprecedented, real time access to their operations - enabling them to take control of their warehouses from the comfort of their desks.

Adrian Negoita

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

Adrian has overall responsibility for the technology strategy for Dexory, using his extensive practical experience and academic knowledge in full-stack engineering (system architecture, programming, software/hardware) to bring the company’s vision to life. Working closely with the business side of the company to truly understand customer needs and expectations and transfer these into product features. He is responsible for the design, development and implementation of Dexory's robotics and AI solutions by combining hardware and software integration in one platform.

Adrian is an expert in all aspects of systems design, development and implementation. Previous experience includes leading development teams in multi-million-dollar internet and online related projects with companies like IBM, Endava, Digital Science, Just Eat.

Oana Jinga

Chief Commercial and Product Officer & Co-founder

Oana is CC&PO and co-founder of Dexory, a highly innovative service robotics and AI company based in Central London. With a background in leading strategic partnerships at Google and developing innovative products at Telefonica, her career touched on various areas of the tech world, having found a sweet spot in designing, developing and bringing robots to the logistics industry to drive significant business value across all warehouse processes. She is very passionate about educating the world on the benefits and ethics of robotics as well as the importance of building unbiased AI.

Jenna Cotton

HR Director

Jenna joined as Head of CPT in August 2022 after working as Head of People in a previous startup for the last six years and promoted in May 2024 to HR Director. CIPD qualified, Jenna brings a wide range of experience in leading companies from startup to scale up and beyond, including VC funding support, managing end to end talent initiatives and team through periods of high growth, as well as major change initiatives and leading DE&I strategies. She is also a champion for wellbeing and mental health in the workplace, in addition to being a mentor to others to create the right environment for a growth mindset culture.

Jackie Bibby

Director of Marketing

With over 15 years marketing experience, Jackie joined in June 2022 as the first Director of Marketing to support the growth ambitions of the business, planning and execution of all the marketing and communications activities, including brand and image.

Prior to joining she spent over eight years at third party logistics (3PL) solutions provider Wincanton plc, heading up the Group’s marketing, external, financial and internal communications. Having worked her way up the marketing ladder she has both client side and agency experience across traditional and digital marketing and lead generation.

Tatiana Kalinina

VP of Business Development

Tatiana joined Dexory as VP Business Development bringing over 15 years commercial experience and has held several executive leadership positions with technology businesses from blue chip to startups. Having more recently taken THG Ingenuity through IPO, she holds strong experience in general management, go-to-market, monetisation strategy, international expansion and people functions.

Graduating from Oxford, she started her career journey in investment banking and has gone on to build strong global revenue functions for businesses across the technology sector from Adtech and Data SaaS to end-to-end eCommerce and logistics enablement.

She is passionate in driving innovation through technology, creating a more diverse representation by building truly international environments and a little adrenaline through winter sports!

Pedro Monteiro

Design Director

Pedro joined as Design Director in September 2022, reaffirming Dexory’s commitment to strategically leverage design as a high-value generation tool across the whole organisation.

Prior to this, Pedro worked as Chief Creative & Strategy Officer at a globally renowned leader in the tattoo sector, where he led the strategic repositioning of the group through the implementation of in-house design-led innovation capabilities.

With a background in verticals including robotics, healthcare, consumer electronics, acoustics, and retail, Pedro is responsible for overseeing all innovation and design aspects of our products and services, ensuring high-quality design across the board and driving design standardisation of all front-end touchpoints.

Chris Coote

Head of Product

Chris joined Dexory in October 2022 as the first Product hire. With nearly a decade of experience in Product Management and a career defined by new product development, he has honed his expertise in both conceptualising and executing innovative ideas. His comprehensive understanding of the entire product lifecycle, from inception to market launch, has allowed him to successfully deliver physical and digital products from ground zero.

Equipped with an MBA, Chris possesses a strong business acumen with a keen focus on strategic decision-making and formulation. Chris has made significant contributions to the fields of consumer robotics and IoT, and previously formed and executed a product digital transformation strategy that created a competitive advantage for products in the construction space leveraging trends in digital twins.

Matt MacLeod

VP of Software Systems

Matt oversees the development of all software projects delivered at the company, including our customer-facing data platform, our cutting-edge warehouse analysis systems and our autonomous robotics platform.

Matt has been working as a software engineer with the founding team since the early stages of the company in 2014, and as the first engineering hire has worked to build a multidisciplinary team of experts with diverse backgrounds.

Prior to joining Dexory, Matt worked in a variety of technology and engineering leadership roles building user interfaces for many data-centric products in the scientific research industry.

Julian Ellis

Director of Finance and Internal Operations

Julian brings over fifteen years of finance and operations experience from across a number of industries including technology and multi-site FMCG. He is well adept at supporting businesses through intense periods of change ensuring that finance remains a true business partner at every stage of the growth journey.

Prior to joining Dexory, Julian served as Finance Director for a multi-site retailer, playing a lead role in the turnaround of the business to profitability & resulting sale to an industry buyer.

Ayllin Yassin

Chief of Staff

With a background in the B2C sharing economy, Ayllin is an eccentric intrapreneur with a demonstrated passion for the digital transformation of traditional industries and joined the team in 2019. Ayllin previously led the acquisition of Asia’s third largest dockless bike-sharing company oBike. After spending time restructuring the acquired Grab-portfolio company, she leveraged her learnings to co-found America’s first super app. She now focuses on driving strategic initiatives and cross-functional projects while helping the founding team manage the rhythm of the business through effective communication.

Andy Curtis

Head of Customer Operations

Previously the Director of European Operations at Starship, Andy played a pivotal role in guiding the company's journey from inception to becoming a major player in the autonomous robotic food and grocery delivery sector.  With a background in logistics, he also spearheaded a transformative initiative at a prominent freight airport depot to optimise service efficiency and streamline processes amidst post-Brexit complexities.

Andy is a dynamic leader with expertise in launching go-to-market products that boost visibility and engagement, driving significant ROI. He excels in developing strategies and campaigns that support business growth and strong market positioning.  With an analytical mindset.  Andy specialises in enhancing operational efficiencies through agile, technology-driven reforms.  His extensive experience across diverse sectors enables effective communication with global partners and stakeholders, fostering strong relationships and strategic buy-in.  Andy leads multifunctional teams both onshort and offshore, focusing on unified service delivery and positive brand representation.

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