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Meet the Dexory Team: Cliff, Special Operations Engineer

Can you briefly introduce yourself and provide an overview of your role within the company?

My name's Cliff Wilson, I am a Senior Special Operations Engineer. I initially started as a Production Engineer back in May, but was quickly transitioned to the build side of operations due to the company's growing need for someone capable of diving deep into the construction processes. My role involves not only hands-on participation in the build process but also the creation of work instructions and ensuring that the assembly could be replicated accurately by others.

We are closely collaborating with the electronics, design, commissioning and robotics teams, making sure the robot runs and works the way it's supposed to. If there's an issue in any specific area, we help out and bring our specialty kind of knowledge from the build side.

What is your educational background?

I started my career in environmental engineering and earned a master's degree in petroleum engineering. After the oil industry slowed down, I shifted to the sound industry, where I got to design, program and build robotic speaker testers. It was at this point that I realised that I had a real passion and interest for robotics and ultimately led me to take my career in a different direction, which attracted me to Dexory.


What are your favourite perks or benefits that you enjoy at Dexory?

In terms of perks at Dexory, there are several standout features. At the warehouse, we are provided lunch which is a unique benefit, and is not commonly offered in other companies. We’ve also got a new racing simulator, offering an experience that sets Dexory apart.

There’s an emphasis on team building that really adds to the positive work environment. We’re provided top-notch tools and equipment that contributes significantly to the efficiency of the build process. We’re also given a Dexory branded kit which is greatly appreciated, given the wear and tear associated with building robots.

Another point to mention is that the leadership team is very involved in day-to-day operations, which I find amazing and shows how passionate they are about what we do.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career at Dexory?

For those considering a career at Dexory, my advice is to stay open-minded, be honest, and don't hesitate to ask questions. While the initial stages might be overwhelming, staying attentive and persistent will lead to a deeper understanding of what we are doing at Dexory, but also robotics as a whole. The team is full of incredibly nice people always willing to help, creating a positive and supportive work environment.

If your workspace could be anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?

If I could choose my workspace anywhere in the world, I would pick Chicago. It’s where I am from, my whole family is there. And despite its weather extremes, the familiarity of the area, the space, and its location just makes it an ideal choice. When Dexory expands its operations further in the United States, I’ll definitely put Chicago forward as it’s a centralised strategic location for North America.

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