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Looking back on Dexory’s 2023 incredible achievements

As a way to say goodbye to 2023, we put together a retrospective on the big milestones our team achieved that made this year one for the books.

Launching DexoryView

We kicked off the year with the launch of DexoryView, Dexory’s revolutionary platform that aims to change the way warehouses are managed through the power of real-time data. 6 months from conception to going live all thanks to our fantastic team!

Our customers saw the immediate benefits of such technology with enhanced efficiency, improved visibility and control, enhanced customer experience, and cost savings. And we’re proud to take home awards from Robotics & Automation and Supply Chain Excellence Awards recognising DexoryView as a groundbreaking contribution and excellence in supply chain.

Dexory’s revolutionary solution is now live globally across 4 markets with some of the world’s biggest logistics players. The robots have been scanning millions of locations, fully autonomously, on sites that are only getting bigger and bigger.

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Collaborating with success stories

We couldn’t be more proud to witness the amazing results of our technology in customer sites across the UK and Europe! Dexory’s users are getting to unimaginable levels of accuracy in just a few weeks of using our technology.

Witnessing the tangible benefits experienced by our clients underscores the practical impact our robotics and software solutions have on the intricate task of stock management.

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Growing and pacing

In June, Dexory secured $19 million in Series A funding round and we welcomed Atomico and Schenker Ventures.

We tripled our team of experts, with people from over 25 different countries! Based across two locations in our London offices and Wallingford, we ensured all the colleagues got to know and grow each other. From one off-site to another, with fun activities, team bonding activities and parties, we’re proud to remain a tight crew!

While always having fun, the team continued developing Dexory’s forecasting and simulation technology; and accelerated the production of robots in our Wallingford facility to be able to serve more customers in different parts of the world faster and better in 2024.

Taking our technology to the next level

One of our proudest achievements is Dexory’s approach to the concept of digital twins and its integration into our DexoryView technology. This advancement has allowed us to close the visibility gap by providing real-time data and insights, supported by cutting-edge AI capabilities.

As avid supporters of the tech community, we are particularly excited about our involvement in events such as RosCon, where our experts are able not only gained valuable insights but also contributed to the vibrant exchange of ideas.

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Cheers to 2023! We salute you, as you’ve been a great warmup for 2024

To our incredible team: a heartfelt thank you. Your dedication and resilience are the driving force behind our success!

Thanks to our customers, investors, partners, advisors, and all the people who are rallying behind our mission!

Dexory cannot wait for another great year in 2024. So stay tuned to hear more about our journey, because the best is yet to come.

Want to meet us and see our tech in action ? Here’s where Dexory will be in the first part of next year:

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