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Working at Dexory

Meet the Dexory Team: Giovanna, Assembly & Build Technician

Can you briefly introduce yourself and provide an overview of your role within the company?

My journey at Dexory started in April, and I joined as an assembly and build technician on the hardware team. Initially, my responsibilities were centered around building robots and handling maintenance tasks. However, my role has evolved over time, and now I'm primarily focused on creating and documenting processes, such as working instructions. I work on integrating the engineering updates with the production process. This involves updating our materials database and communicating necessary changes to the production team. So, it's become less manual and more process-oriented.

This transition has been quite seamless for me because of my background in production engineering back in Brazil. In my previous roles, I was already involved in designing and optimising processes, so returning to a similar role at Dexory feels like a natural fit.

Apart from work, in my personal time I like to volunteer in my youth group and I love to play guitar

What kind of career growth opportunities have you experienced since joining the company?

Initially, I was hired to build robots, but after expressing my interest in other areas, like process development, Mark (Director of Production & Operation) and Jorge (Delivery Lead Production) believed in me and allowed me to diversify my responsibilities. I'm now heavily involved in process improvement and also helping with stock management, which is part of our transition to a new system.

Dexory has also introduced an internal mentoring program. I work closely with Onno, Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, who’s provided me with a broader perspective on engineering changes and decision-making which has been instrumental in expanding my skills.

How would you describe Dexory’s culture and work environment?

The company is strongly focusing on the employee's well-being. On top of the regular fun activities and days away, we have access to health benefits and have a lot of flexibility around the hours that we work and the way we work in general which is great. I am working at the warehouse everyday and I can say the work environment is phenomenal, we have a really good team with really fun to work with.

There’s great implications from the managers and the leadership and people team in our growth and development. As I mentioned, I also have the opportunity to have a mentor so I feel really supported.

If you could have a famous person as your mentor, who would it be and why?

If it was actually possible, I’d pick Steve Jobs. People are still speaking about him and he has made history. Apple is still working and: he’s left a legacy that’s still making a big difference in the world. He’s a leader and a trail-blaizer, he’s created a product that’s entirely new because he had such a creative way of thinking. His mindset is inspiring.

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