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DexoryView: How it all works

Dexory has developed the DexoryView solution and it’s a one-of-its-kind platform. Providing access to a real-time representation of the state of your warehouse via an intuitive, easy to access digital format, which is fed with real-time information captured from warehouses, through the use of autonomous robots.

What is DexoryView? What it does?

The autonomous robot scans and collects real-time data, creating an overview of processes and inventory in any warehouse. It measures, tracks and locates items throughout operations, adeptly navigating around people and machinery.

This constant mapping and scanning enable quick identification of stock, through the detection of various labels like RFID and barcodes. The robot captures data on parcels, pallets, and products as it passes through the warehouse, scanning multiple barcodes at varying heights.

It instantly provides accurate information on item condition, volume, dimensions, and shelf placement, expediting shipping, optimising warehouse space and reducing costs. This data seamlessly integrates into the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Dexory’s digital twin platform, offering instant analysis and comprehensive inventory visibility from anywhere. The insights extracted help discover inefficiencies across the warehouse, optimising operations and de-risk the evolution of a company’s supply chain.

This allows companies immediate and up-to-date access to their inventory - across all stages of the goods’ journey in the warehouses – from anywhere and at any time. Not only does this enable companies to automate their stock checks, but it also keeps track of occupancy, increasing efficiency and helping to facilitate profitable operations.

How it all works?

We use cutting-edge engineering, state-of-the-art robotics and AI products to make robots more useful, accessible, and intuitive for humans to work alongside in warehouses.

With no complex infrastructure changes required, the fully-autonomous solutions are cost-effective under a full-service subscription offer (RaaS) and unlike any alternative solutions, are easy to install and scale.

The solution is fully integrated into the warehouse processes to cause no disruption:

Robots navigate autonomously, avoiding obstacles and scanning warehouse locations.

The perception system identifies assets/gaps and places them on 3D maps.

Data is integrated into WMS to close the data loop.

The solution is easy to implement and scale.

69% of companies are looking to improve their inventory control…

… as a more specific action to lower costs (Logistics Management, 2021). We know that asset retrieval inside warehouses - whether lost or misplaced - is an area of concern. Our aim is for loss prevention and productivity boost.

With these robots, there are significant cost-savings to be made as they navigate warehouse floors to capture real-time location for assets. Right from the beginning, there is immediate gain in terms of revenue recovery from lost, misplaced or non-compliant assets.

The bespoke design robotic platform and stack system integrates seamlessly into warehouse operations. The data flows continuously from the robot, which can quickly measure, track and find goods without any infrastructure changes. No human effort is required to get this continuous stream of data.

Automating inventory processes immediately leads to increased productivity and efficiency. There are several examples where the adoption of automation has eased the pressure on resourcing and efficiency.

It is also easy to see how once tasks that are manual, paper-based and labour intensive are automated - such as measuring pallets for dimensional accuracy - it

frees the workforce to focus on more complex value-adding tasks.

Customisation and scalability

DexoryView is part of a solution that can easily be customised and scaled up to meet the warehouse’s specific requirements.

Designed as a cloud-based platform, DexoryView provides central administrative control of 1000+ devices to ensure seamless scaling of operations and access to data for all relevant teams.

Our platform provides a distributed system consisting of communication agents running on our fleet of autonomous robots. Using secure, encrypted and real-time communication channels on our platforms, the robots seamlessly exchange information and tasks. The high-performance platform allows the robot fleet to make decisions faster than other systems available on the market.

Real-time information from each robot is available instantly on every other robot in the fleet, allowing each robot to build a full picture of what is happening across an entire warehouse.


DexoryView improves productivity, drives efficient space utilisation and provides early detection of non-compliant assets with real-time access to warehouse data.

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