Industries we serve

We can help any business that wants to establish real-time visibility of their inventory and increase the efficiency of their warehouse operations. That said, we do have some key sectors we tend to focus on.

Data is everywhere and businesses know that the role of the warehouse is changing and the only way to keep up is to automate and digitise, no matter what market or industry you operate in.

Smart organisations know that logistics is the heart of their business. And if that’s running smoothly, the benefits will trickle down throughout the rest of the company.

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Industries we serve

Our technology can help any business that wants to power up their supply chain.

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Supply chains have been under intense pressure over the past few years. Establishing visibility will be absolutely critical to managing demand going forward.

Dexory helps you gather, analyse and communicate data to drive efficiencies and reduce bottlenecks. It can also help you keep pace with the shift to e-commerce, processing goods faster and more accurately. Our robots can work alongside your workforce, taking on labour-intensive tasks so your team can focus on high-value work.

It's a fact:

The average warehouse or order fulfillment operation has seen an 18.5% increase in the number of SKUs handled. (


Production lines and schedules can be derailed by missing or faulty items.

Dexory helps you establish total visibility of all mission-critical assets, including their location, availability and how long they have been in stock. So you always have the tools and parts you need with no surprises.

It's a fact:

Automated and efficient warehouses are 76% more likely to boost inventory accuracy to 99% or higher (source: Robotics Business Review).


More goods are being shipped by air than ever. But cargo handling is complex and the consequences of goods getting lost or shipped to the wrong place can be huge.

Dexory minimises this risk by giving you reliable, real-time visibility of all the cargo in your inventory. This helps you optimise rack utilisation and accurately forecast space, so you can maximise the speed and volume of cargo process through your warehouse.

It's a fact:

<6,000 hours wasted per annum measuring, weighing and finding pallets.


Retail has always been fast-paced. But today’s consumers expect goods faster than ever, along with multiple fulfilment channels and low-price (if not free) returns.

Dexory can help you maintain an inventory with 99% accuracy and real-time visibility of all logistics, so you have accurate real-time data to enable fast fulfilment and speedy returns.

It's a fact:

On average, retail inventory is accurate only 63% of the time (source:


Tight inventory management is critical when you're handling fast-moving, perishable or delicate goods.

Dexory can help you track, manage and ship goods faster and smarter than ever before, as well as demonstrate compliance with all necessary food safety regulations. So you can minimise loss and get goods to market in time.

It's a fact:

69% of companies are looking to improve their inventory control to support lower costs (source: Logistics Management 2021).

And what they're saying about us

It was important for us to use the technology to add real-time value to the operation and not just a gimmick. It is safe to say Mim (Dexory) is delivering this, we are scanning over 500 locations daily and achieving high accuracy levels in a fraction of the time it has historically taken to do it. The team at Dexory have been fantastic to work with and we have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline with them.

Rory Fidler Vice President Cargo Technology, Menzies Aviation


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