Looking for an alternative to drone-based inventory solutions?

Dexoryview is a warehouse intelligence platform which uses autonomous robots
to gather accurate, real-time data, and generate actionable insights
to maximise your daily inventory operations.

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Key benefits

Provide your operations team with the only platform that will give them better control over inventory through optimised warehouse space and staff utilisation, real-time visibility facilitated by the fastest data capture on the market, and actionable insights that reduce financial waste.

Scan warehouses of one million sq ft and over 100,000 pallets in a day.

Market leaders rely on Dexory to provide visibility across their warehouses

DexoryView vs. Inventory drone-based solution at a glance

How does it work

Collect 24/7 over 10,000 locations per hour

Data is collected by our fully autonomous robots as they safely navigate the warehouse to track inventory, capture assets and monitor environment data.

Operate with 99.9% accuracy

The data is instantly compared with various systems and fed into our highly intuitive digital twin so you can act on discrepancies as they appear.

Optimise with full visibility

Our analytics platform helps you identify bottlenecks, increase productivity and accurately forecast demand, stock and capacity.

Increased productivity and cost-efficiency

Manual cycle counts and PI checks are inefficient and unreliable. Our autonomous robots automatically scan inventory on a daily basis for occupancy tracking, full stock checks, rack analysis and pick face counts. So you can monitor how these change day-by-day and week- to-week, to drive insights for better decision-making.

Consistently meet the promise to your customers

Warehouse teams have to waste time searching for misplaced goods and spend money replacing inventory that can’t be found. We reduce loss of inventory and stock-picking errors, so you can consistently hit customer SLAs and spend less on replacing lost stock.

Improved utilisation of warehouse space

The limited visibility offered by most WMS means that warehouses are often under-utilised and under-monetised. Our system gives you an intuitive ‘digital twin’ of your warehouse overlaid with real-time data on stock levels and inventory errors. So you can understand the optimal configuration of your warehouse, workforce, inventory and systems.

Increase revenue and improve decision-making

Teams without accurate inventory and analytics are left making important decisions on gut feel rather than hard data. Our analytics platform helps you to accurately forecast demand and simulate scenarios so you can predict issues, find solutions and uncover revenue opportunities.

You're in good company

Market leaders rely on Dexory to provide visibility across their warehouses.

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