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Creating an award-winning candidate experience at Dexory: What to expect from our hiring process

In a recent Q&A session with Steph Wingrove, our Head of Talent Acquisition, we delved into the strategies and initiatives that have helped us build an exceptional candidate experience. Below, Steph shares her insights and advice on how Dexory has overcome challenges and implemented effective practices in our hiring process. Let’s dive in!

For Steph, “the main focus on candidate experience is to get feedback from everyone who goes through our process, whether they are successful or not. We gather feedback during culture fit stages, where candidates can provide their thoughts in person, over video, or via email. We seek feedback on topics like the ease of application, communication and responsiveness from our team, interview experience, and overall satisfaction.”

Additionally, she uses measurable metrics such as offer-to-acceptance rate and time to hire. For instance, if offers are not accepted, we track the reasons why and implement necessary changes based on the feedback received.

Some key initiatives

One of our critical initiatives is ensuring that candidates receive all relevant information from the beginning. During screening calls, we provide the full job description, benefits, working patterns, company culture, and details of the interview process. Any changes are communicated immediately via phone, text, or email.

To ensure a positive interview experience, our People team conducts training sessions for new team leaders and refresher courses for experienced managers. This ensures that interviews are conducted fairly, informatively, and challenging enough to give candidates a real overview of Dexory.

Hot top tips for improving the candidate experience

1. Set reminders for feedback: Use technology like ATS or CRM systems to set reminders and alerts to ensure every candidate receives feedback. It's easy for candidates to slip through the cracks.

2. Prepare interviewers thoroughly: Ensure that everyone involved in the interview process is well-prepared. If someone is new to interviewing, have an experienced interviewer sit in to ensure everything runs smoothly.

3. Minimise wait times: Avoid making candidates wait too long between interview stages and final decisions. This helps maintain their engagement and interest in the role.

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