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BotsAndUs significantly grows its specialists team and aims, rocketing supply chains

BotsAndUs is the only robotics and artificial intelligence company that focuses on solutions that automate inventory management from receiving to dispatch.

Innovations in robotics and artificial intelligence are increasingly finding their way into the most critical industries, one part of the operations under the microscope is inventory management. A key driver for this is the robust demand for goods under immense pressure due to a lack of capacity from labour shortages and inventory restocking cycle difficulties.

BotsAndUs is the only robotics and artificial intelligence company that focuses on solutions that automate inventory management from receiving to dispatch. The London-based company has created the ultimate AI platform that significantly improves the goods handling and storage processes by providing companies unprecedented real-time access to their operations.

Their fully autonomous robot measures, tracks, finds goods and collects data at every stage of the process: delivery, storage and dispatch. While continuously mapping and scanning the warehouse or distribution centre, it navigates safely and autonomously alongside people and machinery. The captured data is both integrated into the businesses Warehouse Management System (WMS) and accessible via BotsAndUs’ real-time AI Platform. This means it can be analysed immediately from anywhere, anytime and gives teams complete inventory visibility and management. It can detect labels (RFID, QR, barcodes) and this enables goods to be recorded, identified and shipped faster, creating more warehouse space and reducing overall costs.

In June 2022, BotsAndUs announced that it secured $13M in financing for its robotics and AI, enabling zero-error warehousing operations. The company has started to use this capital to expand its pioneering solutions globally, building up strong partnerships with industry leaders to accelerate growth and product development and expand its team.

Now BotsAndUs is seeing the benefits as it has already grown the team by 44% mostly in engineering type roles with a focus on robotics and AI. Roles in all areas of the business are filled in tech, software, design, marketing, sales and HR.

The company is constantly adapting its intelligent robotic system to meet its client’s needs and is leading the way in integrating real-time data into digital twins. A digital twin is a virtual representation of the physical space, integrated with data from the warehouses’ IoT network and its WMS; combining them into the twin to create a living, real-time model of your facility and its operations. It can be virtually explored, analyse operations and identify in real-time what needs improvement. If a warehouse isn’t “smart” yet, now is the right time to start the transition, though it is important to consider the intended use of the data and the twin before deciding which format it should take.

Chief Commercial Officer of BotsAndUs, Oana Jinga, comments about their future: “With the intelligence provided by BotsAndUs, our goal is to transform current supply chains into a more connected network, productive and efficient. One of the most exciting concepts in the industry today is the B2B Metaverse which will expand even further the impact of digital twins in supply chains, especially in warehouses. While logistics technology continuously transforms, predictive analytics and scenario testing will open up unlimited possibilities.”

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This company has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 849938