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The New Warehouse Podcast: Todd Boone of Dexory at Modex 2024

In a recent The New Warehouse podcast episode, Todd and Kevin had an insightful discussion about Dexory’s groundbreaking technology transforming warehouse management.

Here's a summary of the key points and takeaways from the conversation.

Unprecedented data capture and efficiency with new technologies

Todd highlighted Dexory's remarkable ability to capture extensive warehouse data efficiently. Equipped with advanced sensors, the automated mobile robots (AMRs) can scan up to 15,000 locations per hour, a significant leap from traditional human methods and even other competing technologies. This capability enables daily or even twice-daily full warehouse scans, a revolutionary improvement over the typical selective cycle counting.

Enhanced accuracy and detailed insights into your warehouse operations

Dexory’s AMRs not only read barcodes but also capture images and volumetric data of items on shelves. This comprehensive data collection helps identify discrepancies and misplaced items quickly, enhancing inventory accuracy.

Flexibility, adaptability and scalability

The podcast touched on how the robots adapt to different warehouse needs based on the "Three Vs" - Volume, Velocity, and Value. While ideally suited for larger facilities (250,000 square feet and above), the technology can also benefit smaller warehouses, especially those handling high-value or high-velocity items.

Real-world success: DB Schenker deployment

Todd shared the successful deployment of the technology with DB Schenker in North America. The initial reactions and ongoing benefits highlighted the solution's effectiveness in providing real-time visibility and operational efficiency, drastically reducing the time spent on inventory management.

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Looking ahead

Dexory’s technology promises to continue evolving, offering more advanced solutions to common warehouse challenges. With ongoing improvements and customer feedback, we aim to further enhance inventory accuracy and operational efficiency across the logistics industry.

Stay tuned for more content as we delve into cutting-edge technologies reshaping industries and driving efficiency!

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