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The biggest challenge for logistics companies is visibility

Managing supply chains has become increasingly complex and vital to business success. The challenges posed by external and internal factors—such as global conflicts, economic fluctuations, and environmental impacts—are ever-present, underscoring the critical need for resilient supply chains. At the heart of achieving this resilience lies the concept of supply chain visibility.

Understanding the visibility challenge

During a recent webinar, Oana Jinga, CC&PO and Co-founder and Todd Boone, responsible for Dexory’s North American market, discussed the profound impact of real-time data on supply chain visibility. They highlighted how inadequate visibility can lead to inefficiencies and hidden costs across various stages of the supply chain, particularly within warehouses—a commonly cited blind spot.

According to Oana and Todd, many organisations struggle with inaccurate inventory data, leading to extensive manual stock checks and significant costs. For instance, one client discovered they were spending over 6,500 hours annually on stock checks due to inaccurate data, amounting to approximately $150,000 in labour costs alone. Despite these efforts, manual methods often yield only partial insights and fail to provide real-time accuracy, perpetuating the visibility gap.

The financial and operational impact

The implications of poor visibility extend beyond operational inefficiencies to significant financial losses. Studies cited during the webinar suggest that these visibility gaps contribute to trillions of dollars in losses globally. Such inefficiencies manifest in mismanaged inventory levels, leading to stockouts, increased holding costs, and higher labour expenditures for error resolution—all of which ultimately impact customer satisfaction and revenue.

DexoryView addresses these challenges by employing autonomous robots to capture real-time data within warehouses. This technology enables rapid, accurate inventory counts—up to 10,000 pallet locations per hour—significantly enhancing visibility and operational efficiency. By automating data collection and leveraging AI-driven analytics, you’re not only improving inventory accuracy but also enabling proactive decision-making based on current, comprehensive data.

Unlocking strategic insights for your operations

Moreover, the implementation of real-time visibility solutions has demonstrated immediate returns for businesses. Companies utilising DexoryView’s technology reported up to a 20% reduction in stock outs within six months, highlighting the tangible benefits of enhanced visibility in optimising supply chain operations. Beyond inventory management, real-time data facilitates predictive analytics, enabling businesses to anticipate trends, manage risks effectively, and enhance overall operational resilience.


The webinar underscored the transformative potential of real-time data in bridging the visibility gap within supply chains. By harnessing advanced technologies like autonomous robotics and AI-driven analytics, businesses can not only mitigate operational inefficiencies and financial losses but also achieve heightened resilience and customer satisfaction.

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