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Working at Dexory

Meet the Dexory Team: Camille, Digital Marketing Manager

Can you briefly introduce yourself and provide an overview of your role within the company?

I'm Camille, I joined Dexory as a Digital Marketing Manager in July last year. In my role, I oversee the development and execution of digital marketing strategies to enhance and maintain our brand presence and drive customer engagement. In a few words, I want to make sure the right people know us and the technology we offer by working on various digital campaigns. My duties include researching, strategising with other departments within the company and creating content for successful campaigns.

How do you usually collaborate with your team, and other teams within the company?

I’d say that collaboration is at the core of our success at Dexory, so everyone needs to foster strong connections both within the Marketing team and across various departments. I work closely daily with the Sales, Product and Creative teams to align our marketing content and campaigns with our brand messaging and visual identity, as well as align our marketing efforts with sales goals, ensuring a seamless customer journey.

What we achieved so far wouldn’t have been possible without this collaboration! The interconnected nature of our roles helps us to leverage the collective expertise of the entire organisation.

What do you think sets Dexory apart from other organisations?

Not one day is the same and I could see it across all teams - you will never get bored! I like to work in a dynamic environment as it helps me to continuously learn something new and grow within the company.

We also have a diverse and inclusive team (more than 25 nationalities and cultures!) - the opportunity to work and collaborate with a multitude of individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences is very enriching as it brings a wide range of perspectives and cultivates a culture of mutual understanding.

If your job/workday had a theme song, what would it be and why?

It would definitely be Don’t Stop Believin by Journey, it resonates with determination and optimism that are both necessary to overcome challenges. And I’d also choose it because it’s my top 1 song when we do a karaoke at the office!

What's your favorite snack in the office?

We've got so many! I’d have to go for our sea weeds (wasabi flavour) (with a diet coke).

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