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Maersk UK&I and Dexory Expand Their DexoryView Partnership

London, United Kingdom, 12 June 2023 - As a result of a successful deployment at its Kettering site in England, Maersk UK&I is expanding the use of Dexory technology across all its warehouse operations in the area over the next few months, it was announced today.

The partnership began with a successful deployment of the first Dexory robot and integrated data platform into the Kettering site in January. The platform and robot helped Maersk save dozens of hours per week in tracking and solving inventory issues, giving continuous visibility across the site that supports identifying and achieving improvements across the operation. Due to its ongoing success, the solution will be deployed into another Maersk facility in Tamworth early June and across the UK&I afterwards, in line with Maersk’s expansion plans in the region.

Attendees of the Multimodal event in Birmingham, UK, from the 13th to 15th June will be able to see a demonstration of how Maersk maximises data and provides unprecedented insights into operations for its customers via Dexory's solution. Dexory will be present on the Maersk stand numbered 2040/2041 and on Dexory’s own stand 7022.

Oana Jinga, Dexory’s Chief Commercial Officer, commented, “We’re thrilled to continue supporting Maersk on their journey to being the efficient and sustainable Global Integrator they intend to be. The extension of our partnership underlines the growing trust in our technologies and the value we are bringing to their organisation.”

Using the DexoryView platform allows Maersk and its customers to automate data collection and build real-time digital twin technology that unlocks insights across all levels of warehouse operations. Dexory’s technology will allow Maersk to gather full visibility of stock across the various UK&I sites, and achieve greater operational efficiency, thus bringing resilience as well as flexibility to their supply chains.

The deepening partnership with Dexory is also a great enabler of Maersk’s commitment to sustainability, as it allows them and their customers to optimise existing resources within warehouses and racks, maximising utilisation, and reducing wastage across stock.

Fergus Whinham, Maersk’s UK&I Commercial Lead, says “As a customer-centric organisation, it is vital for Maersk to stay at the forefront of innovation within the supply chain and be able to offer their customers the opportunity to test the latest and greatest solutions as they are developed. We’re confident that continuing and expanding our work with Dexory will continue to drive that innovation on behalf of our customers''.

Dexory provides the only system on the market that combines inventory-scanning robots with powerful warehouse analytics, all built and maintained in-house.

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