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Dexory's Supply Chain Fast Track 2024 event: A dynamic journey into logistics innovation

On 18 January, Dexory hosted its first own event: Supply Chain Fast Track . Held at the RedBull Racing in Milton Keynes, the team is absolutely thrilled to announce it was a success:

A look into Supply Chain Fast Track event, powered by Dexory

Getting off to a flying start, Andrei Danescu, Dexory's CEO, welcomed attendees and set the stage for a day centred on how untapped data and technology can become trusted allies to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of supply chain management with confidence and agility.

The event was designed for attendees to make the best out of the amazing venue, the MK7 at the RedBull Racing, as well as providing networking sessions to allow participants to meet other professionals and partners, and exchange ideas.

A fantastic speaker line up

Throughout the day, speakers, including F1 veteran Rob Smedley, shared practical examples of how data, AI, and robotics can redefine supply chain management. The overarching theme emphasised the need for bold transformation rather than mere adaptation in the logistics industry.

The event showcased Dexory's role as a tech company with a global visibility platform for logistics, with our autonomous robotics system aimed to bring 100% efficiency and accuracy at the click of a button.

In the mix of presentations, the audience heard about the 'visibility gap,' witnessed real-world examples, and explored innovative solutions from startups.

Paul Durkin, Chief Customer & Innovation Officer at Wincanton, provided a practical view of how robotics and automation transform warehouses.

Murvah Iqbal from HIVED alongside Ida Christine Brun from Maersk Growth as well as Baudouin Roos from everstox dug into the current evolution of the logistics industry.

Following the insightful conversation, Deborah Dull, VP, Global Supply Chain Sustainability Leader at Genpact, delved into the operationalizing circularity to improve operations and the planet, a topic that most attendees have admitted not to be familiar with, after a show of hands.

The day wrapped up with inspiration from the Head of Mechanical Simulation at RedBull Powertrains, Owen Carless, urging attendees to embrace innovation without fear.

A day of fun

Starting the day early with a tour of the F1 Factory, for the lucky few who were the first to sign up at the event. The rest of the day, attendees were encouraged to take part in the racing car competition, which revealed the fastest drivers.

Interactive sessions were encouraged, with attendees actively participating, networking, and exploring Dexory's digital twin platform and autonomous robots during breaks.

A success

Key takeaways emphasised the real-world impact of technology integration, the importance of quality data and timing, and the necessity of bold transformation for the future.

A word from the attendees:

“A really interesting day yesterday with Dexory, its customers, partners and collaborators on the important issue of how powerful the efficient collection of relevant data, and focussed usage to derive actionable insights, can be within business and particularly logistics.
The MK7 conference facility (the home of Red Bull Racing & Red Bull Technology) was extremely impressive and the adjacent warehouse with previous Red Bull F1 cars on racking with Dexory robots scanning the "stock" was a brilliant idea”

Kieron Parnell, Logistics Robotics Consultant

“At the very impressive Dexory future of warehouses event in Red Bull. Data understanding in warehousing is still very misunderstood in terms of what to gather and how to use it to power your business. We see lots of businesses with lots of the wrong data. You are championing the change in data understanding.“

Paul Cusack, Partner Manager at Autostore

Dexory's Supply Chain Fast Track event was more than a conference; it’s a part in the journey into the future of supply chain excellence, where innovation and collaboration take centre stage.

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