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Dexory's DNA: Where it all began

Unveiling the DNA of Dexory

In the world of innovation and transformation, there are those who follow the trends, and then there are visionaries who create new pathways. The three co-founders of Dexory undoubtedly belong in the latter category. Their passion for robotics, real-time data and innate curiosity, makes their journey so far totally inspiring.

Early sparks of genius

At the core of Dexory’s journey are its three founders; Andrei Danescu, Oana Jinga and Adrian Negoita, who moved to the UK from Romania a decade ago, and worked in various jobs while living together in a house share. For Andrei, this included a spell in Formula 1 as a trackside engineer for Force India, followed by a job in Jaguar’s R&D department, while for Oana, it was jobs at Telefonica and Google and Adrian in Just Eat and IBM.

CEO Andrei Danesu built his first robot at the age of eight, providing him with the foundation for the future marked by groundbreaking achievements. Fast forward to age 25, and Andrei had fulfilled his lifelong dream; he was working trackside in Formula One.

CCO Oana Jina started her tech career at Telefonia UK (O2) then headhunted to join Google, managing strategic partnerships across EMEA, being part of the team that launched the first Google Pixel phone, Google Home and Nest products.

A decade into this journey, the co-founders embarked on a new mission - one that would disrupt and define the way warehouses operate across the globe. They envisioned a world where autonomous robotics and predictive software could enhance productivity and bolster the bottom line through precise, reliable real-time data.

Fueled by passion for robotics and data

During a summer barbecue, the trio decided to explore their communal passion for robots. Driven by their careers in highly data-driven industries, they came up with the idea of using autonomous robots to capture various types of real-time insights from physical spaces. They started in retail and hospitality, but quickly shifted to logistics during the pandemic, as warehouses were struggling to keep on top of the high demand. The problem came to them via existing retail customers who had to shift operations to fully online and realised how disjointed their supply chain was.

The new mission: Transforming warehouses globally

What sets Dexory apart is the co-founders' ability to bring top-level data-driven thinking into the world of warehousing. They firmly believe that decision-makers thrive when they act with confidence, armed with an accurate, detailed understanding of dynamic environments. This belief forms the cornerstone of Dexory’s DNA.

At the heart of Dexory’s innovation lies the DexoryView platform. The concept behind DexoryView was inspired by a term familiar to motorsport enthusiasts: the ‘digital’ twin. This concept was first encountered while Andrei worked trackside. The real-time insight provided empowered the team to make well-informed decisions and rectify on the fly.

Pivoting the face of change

Dexory’s pivotal journey from managing front-of-house inventory in the retail sector to addressing the pressing needs of the logistics industry had an immediate and transformative impact. Within a month, one early customer witnessed a dramatic reduction in errors. Dexory’s platform’s predictive capabilities now enable operations to run with unparalleled efficiency - achieving 100% fulfilment rates and zero errors.

The evolution: From BotsAndUs to Dexory

Originally founded in 2015 as ‘BotsAndUs’, the company underwent a rebrand to Dexory. This change necessitated by the company’s rapid expansion and evolution into a global force in transforming warehouse operations.

Dexory’s success story quickly spread across borders. Early customers, including Denso UK Maersk, and Menzies Aviation, sang praises of the remarkable results they achieved with the assistance of DexoryView.

In June 2023, Dexory secured $19m in a Series A funding round - a testament to the company’s potential to reshape the industry. The team has grown from 15 to 80 employees in just over 12 months.

In conclusion, the DNA of Dexory is a blend of unbridled passion, innovation, and a relentless commitment to transforming warehouses into hubs of efficiency, driven by robotics, real-time data, and the motorsport-inspired thinking of Andrei Danescu and his visionary team. As Dexory continues to evolve and grow, the impact it makes on the world of logistics will undoubtedly be nothing short of revolutionary. Stay tuned for more updates on this inspiring journey of innovation and transformation.

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This company has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 849938