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Dexory demos solution at the Ground Handling International Conference

This week, Dexory’s co-founders headed to Amsterdam for the Ground Handling International Conference, with our partner, Menzies Aviation.

The 23rd Annual Conference, running 29 November- 1 December 2023, is the global aviation community’s favourite forum for exchanging new business opportunities and championing ground service excellence.

The team was delighted to demo our autonomous robot in the Cargo Zone of the event. Oana joined Rory Fidler and Alan Glen from Menzies Aviation for a conversation around the topic: How is Dexory’s robot helping Menzies Aviation keep cargo in trim?

The autonomous robot tracks goods at every stage of the warehouse process, enhancing inventory management and slot utilisation.

As Rory Fidler, Vice President Cargo Technology, Menzies Aviation, commented: 

“In February this year, Menzies introduced the autonomous robot Mimi*, which was developed with BotsAndUs now Dexory. It was important for us to use the technology to add real-time value to the operation. It is safe to say Mimi is delivering this, as on a daily basis we are achieving high accuracy levels across bond checking in a fraction of the time it has historically taken to do it manually. The team at Dexory have been fantastic to work with and we have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline with them.”

*The name picked by Menzies for the robot. 

Read about our partnership with Menzies Aviation - Menzies introduces BotAndUs (now Dexory) system ahead of its Heathrow air cargo tech event

Mim Menzies GHI demo
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