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Robotics and automation – A revolution in logistics and warehouse management

The logistics, warehouse and E-commerce markets have experienced unprecedented growth over the last few years. This was mostly driven by the surge in E-commerce in response to the pandemic and restrictions, as well as by the industry’s growing need for efficient warehousing, inventory management and real-time data. The unrelenting pressure has magnified existing cracks in the supply chain and created new ones. It is also escalating a need for a review of the industry’s resources, structure and processes, looking for efficiencies as it resists buckling and adapts to changing dynamics.

Examining the cracks

Across the supply chain, there are visible signs of these fractures – from challenges in stock changes, a necessity for more efficient processes and space optimisation, along with restrictions on the workforce – with the resulting expanded expectations on deliveries. There is a shortage of tens of thousands in the Warehouse Workforce, raising wages and overall costs by up to 20%1.

Warehouse space, already at a premium, is scarce. It is estimated that there will be only about 18.1 million ft2 of space available in the UK in 2022, despite the building of 11.1 million ft2 built in 2021. Although this is the equivalent of 26 Wembley Stadiums; nearly 75% of this space has already been let or is under offer at the start of 2022.

In addition, billions of dollars are lost annually in the logistics industry due to the lack of real-time data on warehouse operations and crucial logistics nodes2. Coupled with other major concerns that include the ability to quickly identify and act on problems in the warehouse, logistics and wider supply chain early on, it is easy to see why the industry globally is looking for solutions, and seriously considering robotics and automation.

Our solution is a game-changing warehouse data collection, interpretation and visualisation system that captures real-time insights using fully autonomous, mobile robots to quickly process goods at every stage in this journey.

Read more about robotics and automation and how it revolutionises logistics and warehouse management in our white paper:

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