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Maximising warehouse efficiency: Check for gaps and keep track of occupancy in your warehouse

Keeping track of warehouse inventory occupancy and identifying gaps in storage space is critical for maintaining warehouse operational efficiency. Traditional manual methods are not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, leading to misplaced goods and unnecessary expenditure. Discover DexoryView, a revolutionary solution that leverages autonomous robots and cutting-edge digital twin technology to perform audits, ensuring real-time visibility and optimal space utilisation.

The challenge: Traditional methods are time-consuming and prone to errors

Warehouse operations traditionally grapple with manual methods such as periodic cycle counts or occasional bond checks that are both time-consuming and error-prone. The challenges include:

  1. Inefficient manual processes: Manual cycle counts and periodic checks lead to inefficiencies and inaccuracies in inventory management.

  2. Space underutilisation: Limited visibility often results in underutilised warehouse space, hindering optimal configuration and revenue potential.

  3. Customer satisfaction concerns: Misplaced goods and stock-picking errors jeopardise customer service level agreements (SLAs) and necessitate costly replacements.

The solution: Full real-time autonomous inventory management

Dexory's autonomous robots offer a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by warehouses. Through a combination of high-quality cameras and sensors, these robots navigate the warehouse, capturing detailed 3D scans of the space, labels, and barcodes. The collected data is seamlessly integrated into the DexoryView platform, creating a precise digital twin of the warehouse that reflects the current status and condition of racks and stored items.

Meet DexoryView's feature — Check for gaps and keep track of occupancy. Here's how this autonomous solution addresses the challenges faced by warehouses:

1. Autonomous audits: The autonomous robot performs audits, flagging empty areas for quick availability and ensuring efficient space utilisation. Benefit from a more accurate source of truth where DexoryView can highlight which locations are bogusly marked as available or occupied in the Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

2. Real-time digital twin technology: DexoryView platform creates a precise digital twin of the warehouse, providing an always up-to-date representation of rack and inventory status.

3. Efficient put-aways and picks: Detailed visualisations show occupied and free locations, facilitating fast put-aways and picks. Capacity forecasting and suggested space maximisation enhance overall warehouse productivity.

4. Continuous monitoring and accuracy: Move from periodic cycle counts to continuous monitoring, reducing misplacement errors to zero. Ensure the right stock is available in the right location at the right time, saving time and resources.

5. Business intelligence for informed decision-making: DexoryView's analytics platform offers unprecedented business intelligence, providing warehouse teams with the capability to retrospectively analyse, grasp current scenarios, and strategically prepare for the future. Offering a comprehensive full real-time visibility into warehouse operations and inventory, businesses can now make data-driven decisions with precision and agility.

The benefits: Inventory accuracy and optimisation of space occupancy

By adopting DexoryView's occupancy tracking and gad identification feature, warehouses can improve their operations and easily meet customer demands:

  1. Accuracy and efficiency: Scan up to 12,000 locations an hour with 99.9% accuracy, ensuring real-time visibility of inventory.

  2. Consistent customer satisfaction: Reduce loss of inventory and stock-picking errors, consistently meeting customer service level agreements (SLAs).

  3. Optimised warehouse utilisation: Gain intuitive 'full real-time visibility ' insights for optimal configuration of warehouse, workforce, inventory, and systems.

  4. Revenue growth and informed decision-making: Accurate inventory analytics enable teams to make data-driven decisions, forecast demand, and uncover revenue opportunities.

Client success stories: Dexory transforms Menzies Aviation operations through AI and automation solution

Menzies Aviation, a global player with operations in 58 countries, faced day-to-day challenges at its Heathrow cargo facility. Dexory stepped in with its innovative AI and automation solution, revolutionising Menzies' operations and showcasing the transformative power of autonomous inventory management.

Challenges faced by Menzies Aviation:

  1. Underreported volumes and mis-declarations: Human errors in manual processes led to underreported volumes and mis-declarations of air cargo, impacting storage charges and loading efficiency.

  2. Limited visibility and space optimisation: The need for greater visibility over goods' arrival, storage, and retrieval to optimise rack utilisation, accurate space forecasting, and maximise cargo volume.

  3. Manual bond checks and inefficient processes: Inefficient and labour-intensive manual bond checks, coupled with the challenge of identifying lost, misplaced, and non-compliant assets daily.

Webinar on Leveraging AI and real-time data to improve warehouse operations at Menzies Aviation

Playback our webinar on Leveraging AI and real-time data to improve warehouse operations at Menzies Aviation with Rory Fidler, VP of Cargo Technology.

Addressing Menzies Aviation’s challenges through the autonomous inventory management solution:

  1. Real-time visibility and accuracy: DexoryView’s platform and fully autonomous robot provided real-time, highly accurate data, allowing Menzies to easily track and find goods within the facility.

  2. Efficient operations and inventory checks: Daily automated perpetual checks reduced inventory check times from eight hours a week to under 15 minutes, saving valuable time and enabling employees to focus on more complex tasks.

  3. Optimising space and digital twin insights: The digital twin platform facilitated reliable space forecasting, aiming for 99% utilisation and removing gaps in warehouse occupancy.

  4. Financial and reputation benefits: Immediate financial benefits included increased profitability, reduced errors by 70%, and recovery of revenue from goods staying longer than needed in the warehouse.

Results achieved by Menzies Aviation:

  1. Efficient operations: Reduced errors by 70%, providing greater clarity on inbound and outbound loads.

  2. Time savings: Saved over 30 hours per week with automated robotic perpetual checks.

  3. Financial benefit: Recovered revenue from goods staying longer in the warehouse, reducing the number of "Unable to Relocate" (UTL) to zero, resulting in a £200k value recovery.

Read the full case study to learn more about how Dexory's real-time, automated insights solution transformed Menzies Aviation’s warehouse operations.

DexoryView — Transforming warehouse management

DexoryView's occupancy tracking and gap identification feature offers a seamless, autonomous, and data-driven approach to space occupancy. It's time to make the transition to a 'smart' warehouse with Dexory and take control of your space utilisation and inventory management.

Ready to revolutionise your warehouse operations? Contact us at to learn more about DexoryView's transformative impact on pick-face fulfilment.

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